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Winter Support Kit

You will receive four copies of the Big Issue magazine when you purchase a Winter Support Kit and a Big Issue vendor will get access to the below items:

  • A Big Issue beanie to help vendors stay warm
  • A hot drink and sandwich to keep vendors fuelled (in partnership with Greggs) 
  • Equipment to increase earnings through cashless transactions
  • A personalised support plan, including sales and employment training

I don’t know if I found The Big Issue or they found me. But there has been no looking back. They found me a flat and I loved selling the magazine. I’m very, very proud to sell The Big Issue. I had lost contact with my children when I was on the streets. Now I see my adult children – one’s 41 and the other is 37 – constantly and I love them dearly. There’s a good chance without The Big Issue I wouldn’t have got back in touch with them. I would have just got more and more in the gutter. 

Bridgette Sibley, Big Issue vendor, Portsmouth

Bridgette Sibley
Vendor Bradley Counsell

I’ve just been given a new card reader by The Big Issue. That helps because everyone doesn’t bring cash with them any more. They’ll say I’ve only got card and now I’ve got a card reader and it’s made things five times quicker. I stick my card reader on view next to my magazines so people can swipe it and off they go. 

Bradley Counsell, Big Issue vendor, Bristol

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Feral, The Body Shop, Bath

Feral, The Body Shop, Bath

Lacramoira Lazar, Whitby Co-op

Lacramoira Lazar, Whitby Co-op

John Williams, Co-op, Killay, Swansea

John Williams, Co-op, Killay, Swansea

Clive, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

Clive, Theatre Royal, Plymouth

The Big Issue Promise

Your purchase of the Big Issue Winter Support Kit helps to cover the cost of the items in the kit and supports the vital efforts of the Big Issue Frontline team (Big Issue Changing Lives CIC). 

Our Frontline team provide unwavering support and empower vendors to earn, to access basic services such as healthcare, housing and financial and digital skills, as well as support vendors with training and employment opportunities. Creating a brighter future for vendors which extends far beyond Christmas.

Our frontline team will distribute the items in the Big Issue Winter Support kit to vendors as they visit local offices to purchase their magazines. Distribution of items will be based on the level of support from the public for the Winter Support kits and the individual vendor need for each of the items in the kit.

The purchaser or recipient (if bought as a gift) of the Big Issue Winter Support Kit, will receive 4 issues of the Big Issue magazine delivered weekly to their door. You can find more information here

See here for more information on how we manage your financial contribution to the Big Issue Changing Lives CIC.